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So my boyfriend and I are long distance and during these times we have been able to spend a lot of time together! His parents have retired to the Seaside! It is soooo cute and beautiful here. While being furloughed we decided to quarantine around people we knew and were around the same people the entire month we stayed in FL. While things probably would have looked different on this vlog a year ago, it was still SO MUCH FUN. See below for restaurant websites we went to: they have great drinks/food to go! They have a few seats to eat outside. We chose to grab drinks and walk towards the beach in Grayton this is the go to pizza place! They were extremely busy so make sure to place an order a few hours before you want to eat it! super yummy, lots of outdoor seating. This was our first date night out and it was very good everyone loved it! could only find them on FB- this is a cute coffee shop that is also linked to the outdoor seating/game area. Next to it has a wine bar as well as ice cream. This is right next to Old Florida Fish House- which I will mention in my next vlog!! super yummy breakfast! They have everything you could want- eggs, biscuits, tacos etc. We usually got this to go but also there are places to sit outside as well!

SHOPPING!!! this is where the cups you stick into the sand are! bought the CUTEST sweatpants here!! So comfy and beachy 🙂

WELL THATS ALL! If you have any questions or anything you want to know leave a comment below


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