Pelican Adventures

Pelican Adventures encourages you to check parasailing, deep sea fishing, or snorkeling off your bucket list.

While these activities may prompt some understandable anxiety, you’ll feel more at ease as you partake in these activities under the close guidance of local experts. You’ll receive a full overview of safety protocol, as well as tips for making the most of your experience and, perhaps, even recommendations for local restaurants or other attractions to check out when you’re finished. The company’s guides are comfortable working with guests of all ages — kids, in particular, feel at ease in the company of Pelican Adventures’ friendly staff members.

No matter which excursion you choose, the company’s staff asks that you arrive at the launch site at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll spend nearly an hour waiting around, with little to keep you entertained. However, many satisfied visitors would argue that the wait is worth it. While you’re waiting don’t hesitate to check out the small store, which offers essentials including snacks, beverages, sunscreen, and towels.

A few of our favorite activities include the following:

Enjoy the natural beauty of the Emerald Coast from above. You’ll appreciate the smiley face on the parachute, which will accurately reflect your facial expression when you conclude your adventure. If you’re feeling nervous about reaching new heights, let the parasailing staff know. They will talk you through your fears to ensure you feel as confident as possible. You’ll also take solace in knowing that all staff members are certified by the Professional Association of Parasail Operators (PAPO). Once you reach your peak height, you’ll observe stunning vistas and might even spot dolphins or other marine animals. Non-fliers are welcome to join you on the boat ride out for a reduced fee.

Deep Sea Fishing
Whether your dream deep sea fishing trip involves red snapper, triggerfish, amberjack, or any fish at all, you’ll be pleased by the quality of the catches you score with Pelican Adventures’ deep sea fishing excursions. Filleting is offered for free and the staff will even provide cooking instructions based on your catch. A variety of deep sea journeys are available, with options catering to both new and experienced anglers. If you’re simply looking for an introduction to fishing, opt for a walk-on trip on the party boat Vera Marie. For a more in-depth experience, book a shared journey. With this option, you will join between eight and fourteen other passengers for a six-hour journey. Exciting swordfish trips are available for more experienced anglers. If you’d like to book a trip exclusively for friends or family members, don’t hesitate to reserve a private charter.

Witness the area’s incomparable beauty underwater, where you’ll see marine life up close. Pelican Adventures’ snorkeling trips are less intimate than its deep sea fishing and parasailing excursions, but still worth attending if you’re on the hunt for kid-friendly outdoor fun. Lasting up to three hours, this journey provides plenty of time to explore at a relaxed pace. A snorkeling instructor is on site to answer your questions and reassure both you and your loved ones.

Outdoor exploration can take many forms in the Destin area — and Pelican Adventures captures the best of these opportunities. Whether your idea of a good time involves snorkeling, parasailing, or fishing, you’ll enjoy gaining a new perspective of the Emerald Coast.

Insider Tips:
-The guides at Pelican Adventures are largely reliant on tips, so don’t forget to bring a little extra cash.
-Pelican Adventures provides excellent discounts to those willing to embark on early morning parasailing trips; call to learn more.
-Don’t hesitate to invest in the company’s special photo package, which includes several high-quality images of you and loved ones on the boat and up in the air. These photos are later uploaded for your convenience.

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