Florida Scenic Route 30A – Seaside, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach

Florida Scenic Route 30A is one of the lesser known jewels of the Emerald Coast and there are a ton of things to do along 30A. It’s a stretch of road alongside the beach that has very small towns every few minutes or so, each with their very own style and feel. In this video, we show you three of our favorite little towns on the scenic highway.

Seaside, FL is probably the most visited town on 30A. It was used in filming the Truman Show with Jim Carey, and is extremely picturesque. The food trucks that line the main road are some of the main attractions, as well as the awesome beach.

Alys Beach will strike you as one of the most manicured towns you’ve ever visited. Clearly, the developers of this town had a very specific motif in mind, and thus, everything is black and white which is accented by the perfectly trimmed green grass and shrubbery.

Rosemary Beach is also on our list because it has some very cool little shops, hotels, and boutiques along the beach and has a very Spanish/European feel to it mixed in with a bit of a mountain town layout.

If you happen to visit Destin, FL, or are anywhere along the Emerald Coast, such as Pensacola, Panama City Beach, etc, you should consider a day trip or a couple nights somewhere along 30A!

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