Destin Florida, McGuire’s Irish Pub (A MUST SEE)

Traveling to Florida or more Specific Destin, Florida.
If I Can add one thing to your list in Destin it is McGuire’s.
This spot is a must see for anyone traveling to the area. Cool factor plus great EATS! Irish, Irish, Irish so yes you obviously will find some alcohol at this great establishment.
Cool Factor is 1.9 Million Dollars lines the walls, ceiling and banisters of the place. You can take a moment to write your name on your own dollar bill. They will even give you a stapler so you can determine where you want to mount it. Located on the west end of Destin off 98.
Oh and by the way Destin Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. So make sure that you visit Destin Florida.

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