Destin Florida fishing with Hook’d Charters 6 hour (5-27-2020)

The Hook’d Crew heads out on a 6 hour offshore trip with 4 of our clients on the last couple days of Amberjack season. The crew and our guests caught some Amberjacks, a Remora, a Jolthead Porgy, some Vermilion Snappers and one of our customers pulled up a Bullshark!

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~Hook’d Crew
~36′ Captain: Alex Kendrick
Instagram- captain_alex_kendrick
~24′ Captain: Clay Fortson
instagram- capt_clay_fortson
~Deckhand/Owner: Brittany Tareco
Instagram- brittanytareco
~Deckhand: Corey Livesay
Instagram- mr_saltyy
~Filming: Shelby Katherine
Instagram- shelbykatherine_
~Editing:Samantha Fletcher
Instagram- _samfletch_
~Owner:Eddie Collier

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