Al’s Beach Club Burger Bar, Okaloosa Island, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Located in what was formally known as the Swamp Club is Al’s Beach Club Burger Bar. The Burger bar offers some of the most fantastic views on Okaloosa Island while maintaining its live music, club-like feel. Come in at lunch for a low key open air dining experience or come in late and experience more of a concert, club style atmosphere, even for the family.

All orders are placed from the bar and the wait time is far better than you would expect. The Burger bar is a perfect compromise for people looking for a vacation style dining experience but not wanting to leave the beach. Located just a few feet from the sand, you can walk right up to the bar, order what you like, eat and get back on the beach in no time.

In addition to the live music, the beach club offers a splash pad and playground for the kids. Beach volleyball is very popular, as well as easy access to several beach stores, other restaurants and the Okaloosa fishing pier. This really is the hub of Okaloosa Island.

One word of caution, this beach bar really is modeled after a club and can get very loud. Especially at night with the live music and rowdy people. We noticed during our experience here that the music was extremely loud and found it hard to talk to each other, but overall a really great experience. If you or someone you’re with is sensitive to sound, this is not the place to go!

Here are the scores for the restaurant. We have divided the scoring into 3 categories. Food, Service, and Overall Experience giving the restaurant a possible total of 90 points.

Coleton: 8
Mom: 7
Dad: 8.5

Coleton: 9
Mom: 8
Dad: 9

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: TOTAL 26 OUT OF 30 (Parking not good!)
Coleton: 9
Mom: 8
Dad: 9

TOTAL SCORE 75.5 OUT OF 90 POINTS. Highest score yet! In high school the Burger Bar would have received an 83%. Not bad, definitely recommended.

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Music By: Silent Partner “Carmel Shades”

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